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Real Estate Market Report

The yearly updated Real Estate Market Report aims to help market participants to realistically judge the situation on the real estate market. The implementation of a purchase price collection ensures that the Real Estate Valuation Board comprehensively understands proceedings within the real estate market. Hence, the board is able to derive market conform data, which are used by the experts in the valuation process.

The Real Estate Market Report consists of:

An Overview of the Real Estate Market

  • An overview of Düsseldorf's current real estate market including a list of cases, as well as sales and transactions broken down by number, area and turnovers
  • An overview of the submarket for undeveloped and developed real estate as well as for owner-occupied flats and joint estate properties
  • An overview of typical standard values

Data Necessary for the Valuation

  • Standard values for agricultural land
  • Gross yield multipliers for undeveloped building land
  • Market correction factors, real estates interest rates, and gross yield multipliers
  • Indexes for undeveloped building land, developed real estate and owner-occupied flats
  • Market- and comparison factors for leaseholds
  • Typecast value ratio "Düsseldorf Türmchen"


  • Düsseldorf's structural data
  • Statistical principals

The Real Estate Market Report is available for free as a pdf file online
( BORISplus.NRW).

Additionally, the Real Estate Valuation Board publishes a mid-year report, effective 1st July. This flyer provides prompt updates of the Real Estate Market Report and is available free of charge.