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Standard Ground Value Map

The Standard Ground Value Map shows average prices in specific areas for undeveloped real estate, using the official town map with a scale of 1:25.000 as basis. Every year, the prices are determined according to § 196 of the Federal Building Code, "Baugesetzbuch".

The standard ground value is valid per square meter ground area; it applies to a standardised plot of land and is derived from the latest prices for undeveloped land. The standard ground value can only be applied to real estate, which sufficiently matches the features of the standardised plot.

The standard ground value can be adjusted according to differences in location, size, type and development extent.

1300=value in EUR / ground area
1,5=realizable plot ratio
W-III-IV-40=residential area with IV-floor buildings and 40 m plot depth

The Standard Ground Value Map contains approx. 250 values for the city area as well as approx. 40 additional values for the city centre (enlarged map). The map costs 30,00 EUR and can be purchased at the Service Centre of the Survey and Cadastral Office, Brinkmannstrasse 5, 40225 Düsseldorf. General information will be provided by the staff in written form, costs 30,00 EUR per value.

Standard ground values can be found online for free
( BORISplus.NRW).

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