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Standard Real Estate Value Map

The map shows standard values for undeveloped building land, developed real estate and owner-occupied flats. Every year, the Real Estate Valuation Board determines the values, which are always valid per square metre living / usable floor area of the planed or existing building; this also applies to owner-occupied flats.

400 values were determined for approx. 180 areas, based on the official town map with a scale of 1:25.000.

undeveloped (W-1,5/1050)

W = residential area
1,5 = realisable plot ratio
1050 = value in EUR/m² living / usable floor area

developed (R-1935/4200)

R = terraced house
1935 = year of construction
4200 = value in EUR/m² living area

condominiums (1970/3300)

1970 = year of construction
3300 = value in EUR/m² living area

Differences in plot ratio, type of building or development, year of construction and living area may be compensated for by using the enclosed conversion tables. Furthermore, drawing on expert knowledge, the values have to be appropriately adjusted according to differences in location, facilities etc.

The map costs 46,00 EUR and is available at the Service Centre of the Survey and Cadastral Office, Brinkmannstrasse 5, 40225 Düsseldorf.
Information will only be provided by the agency staff in written form (46,00 EUR).

Real estate values can be found online free of charge ( BORISplus.NRW).