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Value Assessment and Surveys

Detailed Standard Value Reports

The Real Estate Valuation Board Agency prepares detailed and written reports from the Standard Land or Real Estate Value Map. Hereby, you receive an expert interpretation of the published standard values with respect to your specifically requested object. The information is of great help when planning on buying a certain object.
All required data for the derivation of the value can be submitted via the application form. The results are usually available within one week. The fee for detailed information from the Standard Ground Value Map amounts to 220,00 EUR; the fee for information from the Standard Market Value Map for developed real estate amounts to 264,00 EUR.

Please note: A detailed Standard Value Report does not replace the valuation report of the Real Estate Valuation Board.

Valuation Report

The agency of the valuation board carries out valuation reports on undeveloped and developed real estate, owner-occupied flats as well as on property rights. Furthermore, surveys on rental and lease values can be issued. For this purpose, the Real Estate Valuation Board works with the agency, which is in charge of preparatory operations.
Preparatory operations include local inspections, generation of building specifications, research on charges and restrictions, as well as conducting the appraisement procedure. There will always be a second local inspection realized by the valuation board. Hence, it is guaranteed that at least 4 people inspected the examined object before a market-conform and competent result is determined. This is especially of immense importance in matters of divorce and inheritance and emphasises on the concept of an independent and unaffiliated collegial panel that determines the market value.

The fees depend on the prevailing market value. For example, charges for a determined market value of 250.000 EUR are 1.750 EUR plus VAT.
A process time of about 3 to 5 months is currently expected.