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Real Estate Valuation Board

    Real Estate Valuation Board

    General Information

    The Real Estate Valuation Board is an unaffiliated and independent collegial panel that is not tied to any directives. The district government appoints the board's honorary market experienced expert members for a period of five years at a time.

    The valuation board

    • Carries out market value surveys on developed and undeveloped real estate and land laws
    • Writes reports about the level of compensation owed due to loss of rights and other property loss/ detrimental assets
    • Carries out surveys on rental and lease values
    • Implements and analyses a collection of purchase prices for real estate as basis for its activities
    • Ascertains yearly standard values, publishes them in Standard Land and Standard Real Estate Value Maps and provides information thereof to anybody
    • Ascertains the data necessary for valuation by means of purchase price analysis (indexes, conversion coefficients, real estate interest rates etc.)
    • Publishes a yearly Real Estate Market Report
    • Publishes the data online for free (BORISplus.NRW)


    Chairman of the Valuation Board Agency:

    Herr Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Weindel