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Building Land Purchase Price Overview

Building Land Purchase Price Overview

This is a Service For Experts Assessing Ground Values

According to § 16 (1) of the Real Estate Value Assessment Regulations (ImmoWertV), the ground value can only be derived from the standard ground value, if not enough reference prices are available.
Usually, there are no purchase cases available where location, type and dimension of land utilisation and time are completely identical with the object of evaluation. However, the previously mentioned regulations (according to ImmoWertV) command the inquiry of the terms of § 34 (GrundWertVO NRW).
In order to minimize the administrative workload, you will find coloured circles representing building land purchase prices; the data is taken rom the current as well as from the previous year.

The circles represent:
 Property with single-/two-family houses
 Property with apartment houses,
diversely used and business premises
 commercial and industrial buildings


undeveloped building land purchase cases

undeveloped building land purchase cases

The map excerpt shows undeveloped building land purchase cases, which were analysed and incorporated into the Purchase Price Collection from the current as well as the previous year. Unusual and personal connections are eliminated. Purchase cases for non-building land (plough land, grassland, and potential building land) are not shown.
The overview is updated quarterly (effective 30.07.2017).