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undeveloped building land purchase cases

In order to minimize the administrative workload, you will find coloured circles representing building land purchase prices; the data is taken from the current as well as from the previous year.

By moving the mouse across the specific circle, (only) one street name of a prevailing purchase case will be shown.

If this reference case's value is relevant for your assessment, you can file an application according to § 10 GAVO (information from the Purchase Price Collection in non-anonymised form).

Bewertungsgebiete Sonnenacker Pfarrer-Holl-Weg Rahmer Straße Niederrheinstraße Klaus-Bungert-Straße Eichenbruch Auf der Reide Walsroder Weg Oberrather Straße Stockumer Kirchstraße Krefelder Straße Pöhlenweg Märkische Straße Höherweg Moskauer Straße Gothaer Weg Meininger Weg Kösener Weg Hammer Straße Erkrather Straße Himmelgeister Straße Christophstraße Am Dammsteg Senefelderweg Meyerhofstraße Paulsmühlenstraße Am Garather Mühlenbach


Information from the Purchase Price Collection in German language

The fee for 10 reference prices amounts to 140,00 EUR.

Evaluations and computations from the Purchase Price Collection in individual, aggregated and anonymised form are also available for a minimum fee of 84,00 EUR, depending on the particular time expenditure.